Return of the adidas F50 adiZero

Ten years ago adidas revolutionised the football world with the introduction of the OG adidas F50 adiZero, taking the throne from the Nike Mercurial which at that point had become a very bloated interpretation of the boot currently on the market (what was the sense stud all about anyways?).

The F50 adiZero launched for the 2010 World Cup in the Black/Sun colourway modelled by David Villa and also in a reverse colourway if you were a bit bolder. There was also the iconic Chameleon colourway Messi wore exclusively in the World Cup.

The adiZero would go on for several years before finally being dropped for the X, which personally I wasn’t a fan of at launch but the latter models made for a solid boot and now we have the X20+...

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the F50 adiZero adidas in collaboration with key retailers have launched the below collection dubbed the “Memory Lane” collection.

From left to right: Futbol Emotion, Unisport, 11TS,, Nikys & ProDirectSoccer

As you can see each retailer has taken their own unique approach for their respective boots, & ProDirectSoccer playing it safe by launching original colourways, 11TS taking the design from the F50 adiZero Prime and slapping their brand colours on it and then we have the rest of the pack getting their creative juices flowing by crafting unique designs taking inspiration from multiple generations of adiZero.

Personally for me the 11TS & Unisport boots are the strongest pairs, you can’t knock a white/red/black colour palette but the Unisport effort is a work of art blending the Chameleon & Crazylight upper designs/colours.

Naturally I thought I’d have a stab at this as well, the starting point for my boot is the third generation adiZero specifically in the “Enlightened“ pack colourway which introduced 3M stripes on a black upper. This was a UCL specific pack and the floodlights really lit up the stripes on pitch.

Now this next bit may sound weird but my colourway inspiration actually comes from Nike, the colourway in question being the White/Black Tiempo colourway from the “Clash” pack released in 2012 which introduce a split monochrome design.

With this inspiration in mind, the below is what I created:

The left hand side being a representation of what the boot would look like at night with the 3M stripes providing the branding a nice glow whilst the left hand side is the boot in normal conditions.

Bonus Level

Derek Lyon (aka @DLbootroom) asked me to create the below boot, taking the two colourways from the fourth generation adiZero, the below is what I now refer to as the Irn Bru boot.

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