August 8, 2017

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Adidas X16.1 PureChaos Review

August 23, 2016


The Adidas X16.1 PureChaos is the second “speed” silo Adidas has released since the demise of the “Haters” campaign boot line up, this boot builds upon the X15 but actually see’s the return of some features that were found on the previous F50 models.

The key features of the PureChaos that make it stand out as the Flagship “Speed” boot for Adidas are the new Techfit collar and lace cover which give the boot a very unique look and feel. It looks like a modern interpretation of the OG Adidas F50 that came out in the mid 2000’s, another boot I was a massive fan of.


This new upper has been teamed with the SprintFrame sole that was last seen on the 2014 AdiZero and it’s definitely a welcome addition. I and many professional players are massive fans of this soleplate and to see it come back is definitely a wise move from Adidas, the number of professionals wearing modified x15.1 with SprintFrame soles was endless.



Adidas have spent many years engineering this boot and it definitely shows, from the moment you slip the boot on (a slightly difficult task) you know they are going to perform well.

It takes a moment to adjust to the boot and the unique lacing design, when I tried them on I found the laces a little redundant and even when I tightened them I couldn’t really tell much of a difference, not that it’s a bad thing.


The best thing about the upper is the fact you have zero distractions from your foot to the boot and then on to the ball, pardon the pun but these boots do give you a “pure” feeling.


The upper from the seam to the toe is slightly padded with internal suede that feels amazing and also gives you the right amount of cushioning when striking the ball.


Sole plate

Moving away from the upper and down to the sole plate and I can’t stress how happy I am that the SprintFrame is back. Some slight modifications see the removal of the “MiCoach” cavity and the studs have acquired a new shape which do seem to perform well from my initial tests.

 My only criticism of the soleplate is limited to this model alone and that is the coating that is applied to make the product more premium. Normally I’d have no issue with this, but when you’re spending £200+ on a boot that comes with a sticker stating the coating on the sole plate will wear with use you have to wonder why Adidas have applied this to a general release boot and not just reserved it for a limited edition boot.


I’m sure there are other ways they could have made the soleplate stand out more that didn’t result in a product that looks awful after a few wears, but maybe this is why I don’t work for Adidas.


Play test

I’ve only worn the boots twice, once on 4G turf and then on grass. From the moment I put them on I honestly didn’t want to take them off, they feel incredible on feet and once you’ve cracked a few shots away you wonder how you’ve lived without them.

 There is some adjusting to make when you put them on, initially my pair were a little tight (probably an issue with my foot) but after half an hour they fit like a glove and cause no issues.


Teamed with my Nike Grip socks I had no issues with blistering or discomfort when wearing them for roughly 3 hours, even on 4G they performed well with zero issues.



The price point alone puts them almost in line with the Nike Mercurial Superfly V which I’m yet to try, but I’m my opinion if you are going to judge them against something from Nike the Superfly is your only option purely on price and marketing spin.


Personally I’d rank them against the Mercurial Vapor down to the seamless upper and one piece upper, they’re both no nonsense boots with limited distractions on the upper, but can you really compared a boot retailing at £180 and the other at £230?



My short verdict, arguably one of the best boots I have worn this year. I never thought I’d say this after falling in love with FlyKnit but these are the boots to buy in the £200+ club.


In terms of gimmicks they offer very little, there’s no sock or laceless design. But what you’re left with is a solid boot that performs amazingly well, my only complaint is the price but £200+ is becoming the norm now.

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